December 2004

New Baltimore OH - New Baltimore Bridge

This is an old bridge we have traveled over many times before in closing in 2002(?).  It is near a softball complex where we used to play many games.  It has a steel grate deck that I used to hate going across.  It is quickly falling into disrepair.  There is an effort to restore but the cost of $180,000 may be prohibitive.

Update:  This bridge was demolished on the 11th of October 2006.  There is one
web site that has some good pictures both before and after.  Obviously not everyone is happy the bridge is no more and there rightfully should be some outrage.  They spent $200k to tear it down where I think a fraction of that would have preserved it for many years.  The saddest thing to me is this was the last steel truss bridge spanning the Great Miami River.  Below are some pictures of how it looks now [December 2006].

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