October 2008

Greene County OH - Stevenson Covered Bridge
1910 Stevenson Rd
Xenia, OH 45385

From Charleton Mill CB we continued over to Charleton Mill-WilberforceRd turned south and then right on Jones Rd. Stevenson CB sits at the intersection of Stevenson rd and Jones Rd. Its concrete replacement sits next to it taking traffic over the creek since 2003 with the old bridge looking on in bemusement. This bridge was built in 1877 by the Smith Bridge Company and spans 90’ over Massie’s creek. It’s only about 2 miles from Charleton Mill CB spanning the same creek. The area around the bridges is very nice with the town of Clifton and Yellow Springs nearby. The Clifton Gorge area is nice and scenic. There are a couple of other bridges in the area that we will have to visit another time.

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