November 2006

Flemming County KY - Goddard White Covered Bridge
Goddard Bridge Rd
Wallingford, KY 41093

We continued east on Cabin Creek Road until it dead-ended into route 57 where we turned right and headed south.  This was a nice road good twists and turns and good places to pass every once in awhile.  Rolling farmland dominated this area and we blasted down to Mt. Carmel looking for Mt. Carmel-Beechburg Road.  The map showed it in Mt. Carmel but when we got there the only road we saw was Logan.  The DeLorme map was wrong as well as the Yahoo map.  It doesn't matter much we continued down to route 3301 turning left and heading east.  In Beechburg we headed south on Beechburg-Wallingford Road which dead ends into route 559.  We thought we could turn right and catch Hall road down to KY32 but there was no such road.  Instead we went west to Secrest Road and over the hill to KY32.  A short run down KY32 had us at the bridge which sits just off of KY32.  It is a 63' Town Lattice truss bridge.  The date of construction is unknown. 

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