May 2006

Bracken County KY - Walcott Covered Bridge
Salem Ridge Rd
Brooksville, KY 41004

Most of the bridges that are even relatively close to home have been crossed off of the list, so we have to keep going further and further out.  We decided to head out early on a Sunday morning to catch some bridges in Kentucky.  We started by going all the way through downtown and taking I-471 to its conclusion where we picked up US27 and then the AA highway.  After 25 miles on the AA we reached KY 1159 where we turned north and then a quick right to a little park where the Walcott Bridge now sits.  Walcott or White Bridge was first constructed in 1824.  It was rebuilt in 1881 and remained at the original site until 1999.  Severely damaged in the floods of 1997 and 1998, engineers determined a location about 400 feet east of the original site would be better for the bridge's chances of survival.  The bridge was reconstructed in 2002 and sits in a park like setting only a couple hundred feet from the AA.  The bridge once carried KY 1159 across Locust Creek in Bracken county at Woolcott or Walcott, north of Brooksville.  It is a 74-foot combination king and queenpost truss design.

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