Day Four - Boston MA to Jackman ME (355 miles)

Waking up after a night at the ball game was no easy task. Without too much delay we started up U.S.1 towards our destination in Maine . U.S. 1 was unremarkable, and before long we jumped onto I-95 just short of NH, and progressed to U.S. 4 and northward up the eastern side of NH. At Rochester we turned onto State Route 16. This road was in good condition, and had plenty of scenery. As we continued up NH 16 the White Mountains came into view. This view was quickly ruined by the traffic jam as we approached Conway . For about 10 miles up to North Conway, traffic was bumper-to-bumper. We stopped at N. Conway for gas, and continued northward through the White Mountain National Forest. The traffic went away as suddenly as it came upon us. Just north of the town we stopped on the eastern branch of the Saco River for a break. Continuing north on NH 16 we entered the town of Gorham where we turned right onto U.S.2. We have traveled this road a few times in the past, and would gladly do it again. Staying on U.S.2 we turned left in Mexico on Maine 's State Route 17. This road provides beautiful scenery, but the road itself is not in great condition. We blasted up ME 17 until we came upon Mooselookmeguntic Lake where we stopped at an overlook of the magnificent lake. The view included a fantastic view of Toothaker Island in the middle of the lake. As we continued on we reached the town of Oqossoc where we hooked up with ME 4, and headed east into Rangeley. We rode around the northern and eastern shores of Rangeley Lake, and followed the Sandy River down to Phillips. After tuning left on ME146/ME 16 before the town of Salem a car flashed his lights, we naturally assumed a trooper was in the area, so we slowed down. Shortly thereafter we came upon a huge moose on the side of the road. After several pictures of the beast, ME 16 took us on a northerly course to Solon where we turned north on U.S. 201. This road follows the Kennebec River and is very good for motorcycling. Despite some construction on U.S. 201 this was a wonderful ride up to Jackman. In Jackman we looked around for a place to stay. There was not much to choose from, but after careful analysis of the situation we chose the Comfort Motel. The $40 room fit our budget well, and the room was perfect. After a "home cooked" dinner at a local restaurant (Mama Bear's Den Cafe) we parked ourselves on the front porch of the motel and enjoyed a few adult beverages. Two guys working on the road were staying there for several weeks, and provided some good conversation. After awhile some teenagers passed by to shoot the breeze. The talk turned to sports, as it always does, and Steve had to mention that he thought he was fast. One of the teenagers felt he could beat him. The race was on. It ended in a virtual tie, and the teen was amazed when he learned he could not beat a man three months from his 40th birthday. He is sooo competitive.