Day One - Cincinnati to Ithica, New York (565 miles)

We left on a Friday in early August. The weather was supposed to be cool in Cincinnati for the next several days, so I packed some extra clothes. This would prove prophetic since this was the last day for a week that I rode in a t-shirt with no jacket. We traveled all interstate until we jumped off on St. Rt. 66 near Clarion, PA. The plan was to ride through the Allegheny Nat'l Forest, taking U.S. 6 deeper into the forest. Once we got into the forest, we did not find the scenery particularly good. We opted to stay on U.S. 6 east bound riding out of the forest. U.S. 6 is fairly nice road, the scenery was nice through the Tioga State Forest. Once in Mansfield we headed north on U.S. 15 until we reached St.Rt. 17 near Corning, NY. U.S. 17 took us to St.Rt. 13 that went straight into Ithica. When we arrived in Ithica we found a great state park for camping, unfortunately it was full. We ended up finding a cheap motel (after a round of negotiating) on the south side of town. After a futile attempt to find a good place to eat, we choked a couple of beers, got a few good cigars, and called it a night.
Day One - Cincinnati to Ithica, New York