Day Two - Fayetteville, West Virginia to Winchester, Virginia (351 miles)

After my first-aid was complete we continued east on U.S. 60. At Covington, VA we stopped for lunch. We bid farewell to U.S. 60 and headed north on U.S. 220 toward Monterey, VA. Both of these roads were in good shape the majority of the time. At Monterey we headed west back into West Virginia and north on U.S. 250. Another good road in the WV mountains. As we headed further north we began to get out of the mountains, and the scenery progressed to gentle rolling hills. We crossed into Maryland for a brief time before turning east on U.S. 50. This took us back into Virginia, and left us at the door step to the Shenandoah valley. We could have ridden further but Winchester is a nice rustic town, where we thought we might get some good grub, and a little history. We ate at the Cork Street Tavern, a spot that has been around since the Civil War.