Day Five - Moab, Utah to Garden City, Utah (398 miles)

Leaving Moab a little later than usual we headed north out of town staying on U.S. 191. As soon as we crossed the Colorado River we passed the entrance to Arches National Park. As tempting as that was, we had to choose between that and the Canyonlands National Park, we chose the latter. Once in the park we experienced great roads. Pristine road conditions, no blind corners just turn after turn. The first stop was Dead Horse Point State Park. This spot was where a herd? (gaggle?) of wild mustangs were left stranded and died, looking at the Colorado River 500 ft below them. I have seen a number of famous photographs taken from this vantage point. Once in the actual National Park we went to the Island in the Sky region of the park.  This area is famous for the twisting roads. This area would give Deal's Gap in NC a run for the money. It is not nearly as compact. Superb riding all along St.Rt. 313. Back onto U.S. 191 and again headed north we rode. U.S. 191 makes a brief merge with I-70 at Crescent Junction. Just east of Green River, where we ate lunch, we saw a sign on I-70 that read "no services on I-70 for the next 107 miles". When we are moving down the interstate at 85+ mph that is quickly approaching our gas tank range limit. We quickly got off I-70 and continued north toward Salt Lake City on U.S. 191. As we passed through the town of Colton I was almost hit in the head by some golfer's errant tee shot (must have been a left hander). The ride to I-15 at Provo was uneventful, the roads were nice but straight, and not much scenery. We rode from Provo to Bringham City through SLC in the late afternoon so we really saw very little, we were concentrating on the fairly congested highways. We exited and traveled north on U.S. 89 toward Logan. We gassed up at Logan, and rode past Utah State University, what a nice looking campus. The ride from Logan to Garden City is very nice. The road twists along with Logan Creek (I think that is the right name) on the right and cliffs on the left. There was some good looking camping spots, but we chose to continue riding, we did not want to stop riding this road. As dusk cam upon us we found ourselves at the edge of Bear Lake. We stopped at the crest of the hill overlooking the lake and you could really notice the turquoise color of the water. This lake has some significance regarding rare fish in it, but I can't quite recall. I do remember the motel was The Greek Goddess, and they served a pretty nice dinner that night.