off the route
Buddy's last stand
Nice Building
Nice Building
Nice Building
Nice stop for a brew
Been here in 1995
We gotta do something
Better than nothing
We like the high spots
Hard to say, but maybe good
Right on Belt Creek Rd
2nd lot is the best
short walk
Looks better on the low road
Looks new
No need for description
Unique Color
Source of the river
Narrow Canyon
Nothing Special
don't go far
Continental Divide
Lower Falls
mostly just a pic
gotta do it
take the driveway
some walking
from the road
ice is nice
nice worth it
volume not height
Not on the route
just a pic
I like water
there is a bridge
nothing special
nice wide spot
right on the lake
hippie brewery
more restaurant
walking bridge
nice, driveway to falls
simple turnoff
nice liitle park
a couple of blocks off the main road
Provincial Park
widespot & scenery
maybe better
turn off to Sandon
tight canyon
maybe a little better
walking bridge
SS Moyie riverboat
Simple stop with good view
nice looking beach
maybe better
Maybe lunch
little road down to the lake
Looks like a campground
just a little turn out
opens at 11:00
better than the first
look secluded
its right there
nice wide turnout
maybe a visit in 1998
option for the dirt road on the right
another one from 1998
from a movie
off the route but looks interesting
maybe a loop in the evening
old buildings
nice stop, headwaters of the Mississippi
nothing special
not much more than a creek here
nice looking
not too far off the route
in Ashland
not sure what can be seen from the trail
driveway to the top
ski jump
lunch maybe
not the best
just a pic
nice, needed pic
easy access nothing special
historical spot
first of three
second of three
third of three
nice with lake view
not much around, pic only
nice, view of island
for the ferry but looks good
view of the bridge
Museum in New Denver
xl worksheet
Great Overlook
Another can't miss
Nice spot on the River
Early in the day but nice
Should be good view
Close to the dam
Could be good
Park close to Ft Buford
Dirt road but looks ok
The main entrance off of US85
Likely should view at end of day 9
close to the road
pretty good
nice building in Malta
dam plus other buildings
steel over the Missouri
another nice national park
in the UP
Just after Barga State Park
Fall in UP