Day Two – Mitchell SD to Billings MT
Miles: 626.4
Elapsed Time: 13:26

We started out at Perkins up the street but were met with sign at the front door stating help wanted. We went in and noticed three big tables with menus in their hand and oner waitress running around. We didn’t wait long to figure out we needed to ride. The weather was looking iffy so we decided a quick bite at McDonald’s and to get moving. We ran out I-90 to SD122 turing north and running towards Chamberlin SD. SD122 dead-ends into SD50 where there was a very nice overlook and we pulled over, but the high winds and overcast skies made the stop less than desirable. The view was very far and quite pleasant but our stay was short. We wound around SD34 following the Missouri River and into Pierre where we visited the State Capitol building. Following the MO River was fitting as we were trying to follow more of Lewis and Clark’s Corps of Discovery than we were able to last year. The State Capitol Building is impressive to say the least, and put many of the county courthouses to shame as it should. Built between 1905 and 1910 it is has fared very well over the 103 years it has been around. We simply walked the grounds for a little bit and went on our way. We bolted out of Pierre and traveled on SD34 with the terrain looking as it had all day yesterday and to that point. As we approached Billsburg we realized we were going to need to gas before Sturgis and there really wasn’t anyplace in sight, but just on the other side of Billsburg we found a place. At $4.75 a gallon it was no bargain but it we needed it. Once we crossed the mostly dry Cheyenne River we got into some rolling hills and the ride was getting more interesting. Before long we were in Sturgis where things were heating for the upcoming week of festivities. Wes topped at The Knuckle Saloon for lunch and were not terribly out of place. The food was not that great but at least they had some decent beer. we took several pictures and watched the crowd for a few minutes and were on our way. We rode US212 through the plains of MT looking at the occasional butte. We started to enter Custer’s National Battlefield where we had been before but we were short on time so we turned around and continued on. We rode on I-90 before jumping off to come into our final destination of Billings on Hardin Rd. This is a nice way to enter the city and end the day; nice twisties and an open road. Before we got to our motel we wanted to check out the Yellowstone Valley Brewing Co. in downtown Billings. It is in a little bit of a seedy part of town but it was worth the stop. We didn’t stay as long as we would have liked as we needed to get to the Billings Mustangs game. The Mustangs are the Class “A” team in the Red organization. Dehler Park is really a first class facility and we walked to the game and really enjoyed our time there. After the game we walked downtown to the Montana Brewing Company and a couple of nightcaps. This is more of a restaurant than a brewery, unlike Yellowstone, but both the food and the beer was good. We went back to the motel after Steve rode the painted horse.