Day Nine – Great Falls MT to Williston ND
Miles: 518.5
Elapsed Time: 11:55

We decided to eat something quick at the hotel to hold us over. I think we just had some fruit and decided to ride on. We needed gas in Stanford where we had gassed up in 1995 and since they had a little breakfast spot there we grabbed a quick bite. After gassing up and eating we went down the road to take a pic of the Judith Basin County Courthouse. We continued the ride and took a brief detour to look at the town of Moccasin, and although it is not a ghost town it is about as close as you can get to one. I was interested in the old building that was an old department of Agriculture building. I couldn’t see much from the road but I took some pics and we continued on. As we came into Lewistown it was only about 9:30 so we stopped for another pic of courthouse, this one in Fergus County MT. We approached the Missouri River and we had picked a spot to stop along the river. Everything looked pretty nice but when we stopped we were swarmed by gnat and mosquitoes so we did not stay long. Next we were in Malta and stopped at the Phillips County Courthouse for a pic and also gassed up. We stayed on US2 until we reached Glasgow where we left US2 and travelled south to the Lake Fort Peck area. Fort Peck was a town built for the Army Corps of Engineers personnel as the dam was being built but it turned into more of a regular town. We stopped at the 1930s vintage Fort Peck Hotel to look around. We also viewed the dam before we left, but we were on our way and stopped next at Wolf Point Bridge over the Missouri River.

After moving we went to see the Fairview Lift bridge on the Yellowstone River. This is a very historic old bridge and on the other side is an abandon RR tunnel. We explored this are and went on the Williston.

It had started to rain so we took a taxi to the local BW3 and had someone take us back to the hotel one we finished.