Day Ten - Salina KS to Home
Miles: 773
Elapsed Time: 14:33

This was going to be another long ride home and we had decided to make it a straight shot home. It would be all interstate and we would do it as quickly as possible. We only made it about 80 miles before we had to stop to put on rain suits near Paxico KS. The rain was hard, but we had become accustomed to riding in the rain this trip so we just continued to ride. We stopped in Odessa on the other side of Kansas City to get gas and a quick bite to eat. The rain hadn’t stopped but it was not much more than a drizzle so we removed our suits and rode on. We didn’t stop again until we reached the other side of St, Louis. We gassed up and tried to get lunch at McDonald’s but the place was a mess and the manager was about to have a melt down from the cash register’s malfunctioning so we just again rode on. Another 40 miles or so and we found another McDonald’s and we had lunch. After that it was mostly all business. We stopped for gas one last time and bid farewell. We were home before 7:00.