Day Ten – Natchez to Counce TN
Miles: 371
Elapsed Time: 10:11

We started out on Day ten by touring some of Natchez. We arrived later in the evening on both nights so we didn’t get much chance to see the sights. We took some time and had a ride around town before we started our trek towards TN on the Natchez Trace. After our farewell tour of Natchez we jumped on the Trace and didn’t stop until we reached Jackson. There we toured the State Capitol and Governor’s mansion. Back on the the Trace we stopped at the Cypress Swamp to take some pics. Our next stop was the King’s birthplace in Tupelo. I thought this would be a good place but I really wasn’t sure what to expect, and it tuned out pretty good. We also stopped at Johnnie’s Drive-In nearby which was supposedly one of Elivs’ favorite spots. The place was packed with Elvis memorabilia and since we were there at 3;00 in the afternoon we got to sit in the Elvis booth. The Hamburger we ordered was really quite tasty despite it bing roughly 50% flour. This dates back to the War days when rationing was in vogue. Nevertheless it was very good and we ordered it in the traditional style with mustard, pickles,and onions as was strongly recommended by Don Knight the owner, who sat with us and chewed the fat so to speak.. The seasoning was just right, and matched perfectly with the Tater Tots and Pepsi (not Coke). With our stomachs full we rode on and continued riding until we reached the Hampton in Counce.