May 2006

Mason County KY - Dover Covered Bridge
3000-3014 Lee's Creek Rd
Dover, KY 41034

We continued north on KY1159 towards the Ohio River.  The short ride (2-3 miles) was just that but a few nice twisties along the way.  We rode route 8 along the river about 8 miles to Augusta.  This is a nice little town on the river that offers at least one good restaurant.  We took a few minutes and rode through downtown and were quickly back out on route 8 headed for Dover.  Just on the other side of Dover (east side) we noticed an historical marker and turned right on KY3113.  Less than a half mile from the main road sat the bridge.  It is still a working bridge but was on an offshoot road.  The new bridge stood off to the east, several hundred feet away.  The Dover Bridge was built in 1835 and most recently restored in 2001.  It spans Lees Creek in Mason County and is built with a double set of queenspost trusses on each side.

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