October 2008

Greene County OH - Ballard Rd Covered Bridge
107-113 N Ballard Rd
Xenia, OH 45385

A beautiful fall day found ourselves wanting to take a ride and we decided to hit some bridges northeast of Cincy. We rode up I-71 and exited at number 36 turning west before going north on Corwin Road. This is a nice motorcycle road that parallels the Little Miami River through Oregonia and into Waynesville. Oregonia is the location where the Dayton Motorcycle Club holds the annual Devil’s Staircase Hill Climb competition. We have never been to this but I think we are due. Also along the way there is a new covered bridge over the LIttle Miami called the Corwin CB, but it was not there back in 2008 as it was erected in 2010. I don’t think it is more than just a covering over an existing concrete structure but it beats nothing. Once into Waynesville we quickly ran through town and up US 42 to Xenia. Old US 35 parallels the new US35 which is mostly an interstate highway in this area, and about 4 miles east we turned right on Ballard Road. The bridge sits at the end of the dead end road likely in the spot it has always been. Now it is a small park dedicated to the bridge. The bridge was built by J.C. Brown in 1883 and spans 74’ over the North fork of Caesar’s Creek. The bridge can be driven over but there is only a turn around on the other side. We visited Ballard Rd CB several weeks after Hurricane Ike had blown through Ohio in September of 2008 and it looked like there had been some wind damage to the roof of the bridge.

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