November 2005

Decatur County IN - Westport Covered Bridge
3601 W Layton Dr
Westport, IN 47283

We blasted out I-74 to Batesville IN where we took IN229 south.  This is a nice road that goes through the heart of downtown Batesville and proceeds to take some nice twists down into the town of Napoleon.  In town we turned north on US421 for about a tenth of a mile before continuing west on Milhousen Road.  This road is rather straight but provides nice scenery as it rolls along Indiana farmlands.  The town of Milhousen is not much more than a wide spot in the road with a couple of stores and a very old building that is 50% of the way to collapse.  We continued west through town where the road turns into CR820S.  This road dead ends into CR60E where we turned left and then right on E1000S.  This road leads into the town of Westport but we turned right on Water Park Rd and left on Main St where the bridge is located less than a mile away.  The bridge was restored in 2004 and is in great shape.  The bridge was built in 1880 with a Burr Truss type construction spanning 130' over Sand Creek.  It was built by A.M. Kennedy  & Sons who apparently built many bridges in the state.  The roads leading to the bridge are not well marked and become easily confusing since they are all numbered.  I would have thought this was a superior style for naming but we had to pull out the map on several occasions.  The roads are narrow and not much fun to ride except for the scenery.

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