Day One - Cincinnati to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (454 miles)
We started out kind of late with our sights set on Gettysburg. We headed up to Columbus, and got on I-70 and headed east. At U.S. 30 we began our southern bend toward our destination. We arrived in Gettysburg at dusk, and began the difficult task of finding an affordable motel. It was not long before we determined an affordable motel was out of the question, and found a cheap motel that was not inexpensive. Mike's bike had been running rough, so we found some spark plugs and Steve and I watched Mike change his plugs. After this exercise we hooked up with a couple staying next door, and we rode into town with them. After touring several drinking establishments we retired to our room. The next morning we did not exactly get up with the roosters, so we bypassed the tour of the battlefield, and decided to get moving.