Day Two - Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to N. Adams, Massachusetts (366 miles)

Traveling east on U.S. 30 was painful. With some slight headaches, and Mike's bike still not running quite right, we made less that great time. At Lancaster, we joined up on U.S.222 toward reading, and Allentown. The road was getting a little better, as were our hangovers. A quick jog on St.Rt. 33 led us to East Stroudsburg. There we ran along the Delaware River and into New York at Port Jarvis on U.S. 209. We headed north on I-87 toward Troy. Soon we found we were in the traffic going to Woodstock for the 25
th anniversary of the festival. Once in Troy we went due east on St.Rt. 2 and into Massachusetts. As darkness fell on us, we found a decent motel in N. Adams.