Roaming Wyoming - Dirt

Throughout our ride last year as we traveled the roads of Wyoming we caught ourselves wondering where the myriad of dirt paths led.  We even rode a few of them on our street bikes, but it wasn’t very pleasurable.  So we decided to do something similar to our 1999 dual-sport trip to Colorado.  We knew there would be a lot more street involved in this trip in comparison to 1999.  Based on this knowledge we both purchased Kawasaki KLR 650s for the trip.  We had done a little research last year while in Wyoming when our idea was first hatched.  We had gotten some dirt road maps at the local Lander motorcycle dealership.  Armed with these maps, and the even more important DeLorme map we began to plan our trip.  We would base ourselves in Pinedale, but as we laid out our plan we realized we would need to spend a couple of nights further south. We chose Rock Springs which is less accommodating than Pinedale, but it was strategically placed for us.