Latitude 53
6,401 miles

After our pursuit of all things Lewis and Clark in 2012 we thought we would take care of some unfinished business and fill in some missing spots for our 2013 trip. During an Omnimax presentation of Rocky Mountain Express we came to the idea that a trip covering those missing gaps along with a venture into the Canadian Northwest was right in our wheelhouse. We had planned on another Iron Butt from the Cincinnati area to Mitchell SD, but our wives thought we were crazy and convinced us the best thing was to leave the afternoon before and cut it down to 700 or so miles. We agreed and set out on a Monday afternoon. The entire ride was bordering on too many miles for the number of days we rode. Just one additional day probably would have reduced some of the bigger days down enough to make the evenings a little less hectic. Probably the biggest surprise was the weather. It was the end of July and early August and I don’t think there were any days where at some point I didn’t have all my gear on. We decided on the name based on the fact that it was the furthest north either of us had been on the ground; including the very northern tip of Newfoundland and the very north of Germany.

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