Roaming Wyoming Again
1,595 miles

Since we had ridden dirt in 2015 (along with our street trip), we had decided to keep our dirt bikes and ride the dirt in 2016. Steve rode a 250 in Colorado in 2015 so he actually decided to buy a DR650 so that we were both riding the same type of bike. We decided to have our base in Pinedale and unlike 2004 we were going to stay the entire time in Pinedale. We would stay at the new Hampton Inn in Pinedale, and although it is situated on the western edge of town and out of the main downtown area it turned out to be a great situation, and a significant upgrade to the Half Moon Lodge where we had stayed during the 2012 street trip and the 2004 dirt trip. Once we started making all the routes we quickly came to the conclusion that we needed one night in Lander. So, for one day we would pack onto our bikes what we needed for an overnight in Lander. Also unlike 2004 we were coming equipped with GPS and a better idea of where we would be riding. Steve had purchased a new Garmin last year so he threw his old unit on my bike making it even easier than normal to follow our routes.