Olympic Riding
6,292 miles

We still had the West on our minds when we finished up our 2016 dirt ride, and we also knew Jim was going to ride with us again this year so we planned another trip out west. I purchased a new 2017 RT earlier in the year so I was ready to ride and very much looking forward to this trip even more than usual. Jim liked riding with us in 2015 and had signed up for another year well in advance. The plan was to ride the Olympic Peninsula all the way out to Neah Bay and take in the whole coast, but time simply didn’t allow for this. Had we cut something else out we could have made it, but every day we had planned was going to be very good. We still made it to the peninsula but it was a bit abbreviated. We started this trip with an Iron Butt qualification for Jim and another one for us that would prove to be our longest day to date. No one had any bike troubles, and except for a speeding ticket in WA there were no major issues. We had one day of really hot riding, but for the most part it was very comfortable weather and we only had our rain suits on for a couple of hours over 12 days of riding. 2017 was second only in total miles to our 2013 trip.