Utah Utopia
Canyon Carving at its Finest
4,619 Miles

Our last couple of street trips had been to the Northeast so we were ready for a venture out west.  Fearing the heat we had historically shied away from Utah, having last completed a brief run up the East side of the state in 1995.  After doing some research I realized Utah had a lot to offer.  With the help of Google Earth we manufactured a route that went through eight national parks, and at least seven national forests.  Everything worked out perfectly on this trip, the roads were phenomenal, the scenery was breathtaking, and all of the motels we stayed in were quite good.  It's easy to rate the most recent trip as one of the best, but in this case I think we'll say for some time that this was one for the records.  If you love good scenery, and love sport touring through canyons where high-speed sweepers seem endless this is the trip you need to take!!