Day Eight – Sydney NS to Farmington ME (661 miles)

We rode about five hours on the ferry and slept maybe about half that time, but we rode off of the ferry before dawn and began our trek home.  We did not have a specific destination we just planned to ride as long as we could.  It was raining when we left and there was about 10 bikes ahead of us  and a couple of trucks as we traveled south on the 105.  We managed to pass the entire group after a few miles which was no easy feat.  It was dark and raining but once ahead of the pack we were determined to keep going even though we had hoped to stop for some coffee and breakfast.  The ride was pretty miserable; we rode 212 miles in the rain before we stopped at Debert for gas and lunch.  Back on our bikes we rode another 160 miles to Saint John NB before gassing up again.  The rain had stopped and the day was turning out pretty nice.  While gassing up we decided to stop at Pleasant Bay and soak up some sun before crossing over the border.  We found a nice little park along the Bay of Fundy.  We crossed the border; this time only taking us about 15 minutes.  We got back on ME9 and buzzed south where we had planned a stop near Wesley.  We had spotted a fire tower on our way north a few days earlier that looked like it would have a nice view.  We stopped and took some pictures before continuing on.  In Bangor we decided to take U.S.2 rather than interstate.  We stopped at Carmel to eat some dinner and gas up.  We decided to ride for another hour or so to find a nice motel (KMZ).  We found a nice in Farmington and spent the night.  U.S. 2 had proven to be a nice road with a fair amount twists and turns and rolling hills.