Tuesday - Titantic Tetons (380 Miles)
We started the day riding south on WY28.  The road climbs upwards toward the Red Canyon and then runs along the rim.  Plenty of nice view abound (KMZ) before the road flattens out on the Wind River Range.  We passed over the Continental Divide and continued toward the town of Farson where we turned on US191 and headed north toward Pinedale.  We passed the Big Sandy State Recreation Area and the Big Sandy Reservoir to our east.  The scenery didn't change much as we followed Pine Creek with The Mesa to our west.  In Pinedale we stopped for gas and continued north.  We noticed a lot of dual-sport bikes which gave us an idea for next year.  US191 crosses over the Green River and bypasses the old Warren Bridge (KMZ).  We snaked around and got onto the bridge for a rest stop.  There were a few people in the river fly fishing as we watched over them soaking in the views.  Continuing north on US191 we began to descend into the broad valley around Bondurant.  This area is relatively treeless but the mountains above were wooded.  As we continued our descent we began paralleling the Hoback River.  Forested slopes and rocky peaks were in view rising from the canyon bottom.  We stopped high above the river along the canyon for a break.  As we continued we came upon the intersection of US89 running north to Jackson.  This junction lies at the confluence of the Hoback River and the Snake River.  Just north on US89 lies the small town of Hoback Junction.  About 12 miles later we were in Jackson.  A very touristy place, we didn't plan on spending much time there.  However, it was about lunch time and we spotted a Sushi place and we thought we would give it a try.  It wasn't very good, but probably not bad considering we were in Wyoming.  After lunch we continued north to Moran Junction where we had been the day before.  We picked a different spot for pictures closer to the Tetons.  Riding along close to the Tetons, it is difficult to keep your eyes on the road.  We turned east on US287 and traveled this wonderful road the opposite way.  This time we stopped for pictures of Pinnacle Buttes and the Breccia Cliffs (KMZ).  Continuing east and south on US287 we were back in Dubois.  My front tire was beginning to show some wear so we stopped at a local motorcycle dealership specializing in Royal Enfields but they did not have the right tire.  We continued on.  We stopped short of Fort Washakie for another break and before we knew it we were back in Lander.  We had decided to eat at the fancy place in town that night, so we back and cleaned up before eating at the Cowfish Restaurant.  It was very good food and a little out of place for such a small town.