Day Nine and Ten - Getting Home
Pineal to Omaha NE - 856 Miles
Kearney to Pinedale - 723 Miles

We hit the road early after a typical Hampton breakfast. We booked it the 364 miles to Cheyenne in time for lunch at Accomplice Beer Company. This was a local brewery but it housed in a museum type atmosphere in an old Railroad Station. The brewery served very good beer and also really good wings. The beer is purchased by using a card that tracks the ounces poured allowing one to try several different beers without asking for samples and is basically a self serve tap; we really liked it. The place was on target and we even gave the brew master a leftover Zen we had to introduce him to Cincinnati beer. We stayed in Omaha and tried to hit the brewery scene there. We went to Scriptown and Brickway Breweries and had a really nice albeit brief visit in Omaha. We got an early start the next day and set our sights on Le Claire IA. Despite sounding a little off the beaten path we knew we would arrive there around lunch time and we knew there was a brewery; what else is needed? The brewery was the Green Tea Brewery which did not have lunch so we looked around while en route and found the Blue Iguana Mexican Restaurant next just a couple of doors down. We got a couple of Burritos to go and took them to the brewery; perfect. While looking for restaurants we realized that the Antique Archaeology store made famous by American Pickers is in Le Claire. We knew it was in IA but we had no idea it was down the street from the brewery we had chosen. We stopped by the store and looked around for a short time before heading on. What a great afternoon stop. Normally there is not much on the way home from our dirt bike trips but this really made the day go perfect.