Day Six - Casper

After towing the bikes down to Alcova in the morning we found our motel and was it ever nice.  We quickly unloaded and headed out.  We started by traveling north on WY220 and turned right on 2 bar Rd.  We were planning on a modified route not wanting to get caught up in Casper traffic.  After about 10 miles we spotted Coal Creek Road and decided to see where that led us.  We turned left heading north and quickly came to a fork in the road.  We veered right onto Circle Road.  After a few short miles we spotted another smaller trail and decided to check it out.  It didn't go very far before we dead ended, but we stopped to look around.  This area was fairly desolate with sparse ground coverage and almost no trees.  As we were looking around we noticed a nice looking trail up on a ridge in the distance.  We set our sights on this and tried to figure out how to get there.  We easily found the trail and rode up the ridge some 500 feet above.  This was a nice exercise and challenged us a little bit.  Once up on the ridge we could see the valley floor several hundred feet below.  We rode right up to the edge, dismounted, and let our feet hang off the edge as we soaked in the scenery.  We could see cattle roaming below, but we couldn't figure out what they were doing down there as there was really no grass.  After several pictures and some relaxing we knocked about the ridge and then came back on the floor we had been overlooking.  We came back out on WY487 and continued south looking for a passage over to Alcova.  We tried a couple of trails but they all ended in private property.  We were slightly discouraged but rode back around stopping at the old abandon WY220 iron truss bridge.  Once we got back to the motel which was really a small cottage we had some time so we rode down to the Alcova reservoir and took a dip to cool off.  It was still on the warm side but the water was very cold.  Afterwards we stopped at the restaurant across the street for some brews and a burger.  We talked to a local ranch hand who grew up less than fives miles from my house and had relatives that lived around the corner from me.