Day Six - Charlottetown PEI – 221 miles

As nice as the cabin was it was lacking WiFi and we both had some work we needed to get done, so we went into Charlottetown and found a WiFi spot and did work for about four hours.  We didn’t want to spend time doing this, but it was a necessary concession.  After we finished up work we headed out C19 and went to Amherst National Historic site overlooking Charlottetown harbor (KMZ).  The French established the first European settlement in Prince Edward Island here in 1720.  In 1758 the British captured it and built a fort to guard the narrows and entrance to the three rivers that flow into the harbour.  It had a spectacular view of the harbor and we spent some time taking pictures.  Back on the bikes we rode back to C19 and turned on C1 for short ride before turning on C10.  We rode down the south side of the island and stopped on a side road that took us down to the water’s edge where we had a nice view of the Confederation Bridge off in the distance.  We travelled north to Summerside where we had a late lunch of seafood and a few beers at Sharky’s (KMZ).  We went north on C2 to Kensington where we picked up C101.  We saw a sign that pointed towards Old Saint Mary’s (KMZ) church and we decided to check it out.  Old Saint Mary’s Church is a fine example of French Gothic architecture and was built in 1902.  The church is the largest wooden church on the island and can hold Mass for 500 people.  It has been said that the natural acoustics of St. Mary’s rates as one of the top ten places in the world to perform.  After taking a walk-through and taking a few pictures we continued on.  We rode along the north coast and stopped at a park with a beach just off of the main road.  We went out on the beach and sat a little amazed as the people swam in the waters that had to rather frigid.  We continued on to Cavendish where the story of Green Gables originates.  Finally we came upon Hostettler’s Viewscape (KMZ) overlooking the French River where we stopped again for some pictures.  We continued back on C2 to Charlottetown and ended for the day.
Day Six - Charlottetown PEl