Day Two    Maggie Valley - Caesars Head Loop (158 miles)
Our destination for day two was somewhat of a canned ride.  I found this loop on the internet and decided it met our needs.  We decided to ride counter-clockwise even though the ride was planned for a clock-wise ride.  We headed east to Waynesville on US19, east on US276 where we picked up NC215 south.  The road is flat in the northern parts and runs on the east shoreline of Lake Logan.  Once south of the lake it follows the West Fork of the Pigeon River.  We stopped for a break along the river before our ascent up to Beech Gap (KMZ) where NC215 crosses over the BRP.  The road is very tight throughout its course and does not go through any towns at all.  On the way up to Beech Gap the road follows the valley cut by the West Fork and there are many small but noticeable waterfalls and cascades tucked in the apexes its curves (KMZ).  We stopped at one of these for a little break.  Down the backside of the mountain we passed Courthouse Falls and Birdrock falls (aka French Broad Falls).  We stopped at French Broad Falls for a quick look see but the falls were a part of a ministries camp, so we did not stay long.  NC215 empties into the town of Rosman where we headed south on US178 towards the SC line.  We stopped in Rosman to eat lunch at a local diner (KMZ).  Becky the owner of Becky's wanted to join us for a ride.  US178 runs near Sassafras Mountain in SC (SC's highest point).  Once in SC we turned left and headed north/east on SC11.  This is the Cherokee Foothills Scenic Byway and it's a poor motorcycle road.  Straight as an arrow.  The view of Table Rock is nice but we were led to believe this was a road to ride (probably some cager wrote this).  Quickly we were back into NC turning left on US276 and headed north.  US276 in SC ascends the Saluda Mountain Range and is very tight and twisty.  It was once rated one of Car and Driver's top ten roads of the Southeast, and it proved correct.  We rode past the entrance of Caesars Head State Park (KMZ) before getting back into NC.  We rode through the town of Cedar Mountain where we pulled off for a rest on East Fork Road.  Next we went through Brevard, converged with US64 for a short time before US276 broke off again and entered the Pisgah National Forest.  US276 is a great road as it enters the park, but on a Sunday afternoon it was far too crowded.  The south end of US276 in the park is also home to Looking Glass Falls and Sliding Rock.  Both of these are popular attractions on hot summer weekends.  We stopped at the Sliding Rock (KMZ) but there was line to slide down the rock so we decided to try a less popular area.  Further north we found an area where we could slide down a rock but I'm sure it wasn't as thrilling as the real Sliding Rock.  After spending an hour or so sliding down the rock we went back south to see if Looking Glass Falls (KMZ) was worth a visit.  We happened upon a good parking space so we decided to stop.  The area was crowded but the stop was worthwhile.  We went swimming in the frigid water and swam underneath the Falls.  We went back north on US276 and the traffic was much less dense and after we passed a few slow moving cars we were free and clear all the way back to Bethel.  US276 is quite twisty and in great condition as it runs along the Pisgah Ridge.  The road follows the Pisgah creek until the intersection with the BRP where it follows the East Fork of the Pigeon River on the way back down the mountain into Bethel and Waynesville.  That night we went to a couple of the local eateries, had some bar food and a few brews before we headed back to the motel for the night.  Our excitement for the night was a mouse we discovered in our room at about 5:30.  After unsuccessfully chasing the mouse for about an hour we decided to give up, get up and ride.