Day One - Cincinnati - Oakley, Kansas -  985 miles

We chose to stay in Oakley knowing it was our jumping off point of I-70, and that it was roughly 950 miles.  We felt if we could make it this far in one day we could still make the next day fairly eventful.  Oakley is on the doorstep to Colorado, and the ride from there to Colorado Springs is relatively short and somewhat enjoyable.  We identified a motel we felt met our needs on the internet.  The name of the place was Kansas Kountry Inn.  Getting there was plenty uneventful.  We left my house at 5:00 a.m. and rode and rode and rode.  We didn't hit rain until about the 5th mile of the trip.  Fortunately it wasn't heavy and by the time we were 40 miles into Indiana it had stopped.  It took six tanks of gas but we pulled into the lot about 9:30 p.m. MST.  In the last two hours we covered 180 miles.  The final total was 987 miles; a new record for one day mileage on our trips.  The motel turned out to be fairly nice.  After unpacking we took a dip in the pool, and met some other motorcyclists from Missouri.