Day Five of Riding (Thursday):

Chuck had told us there were some great trails west of Ridgeway in the Umcompahgre National Forest. We found Last Dollar Road like we were told, and began to look for trails off of that road. We did not find anything that great but there were a few trails to ride. Most of the trails were in heavy trees, and made the going difficult with my bike, and tire combination. We went back into Ridgeway for lunch, and to get some more information from Chuck. There we discovered Mike had hurt his leg two days earlier without telling any of us, and it was beginning to bother him. We stopped at a local medical clinic for it to be x-rayed. Fortunately there were no broken bones. Mike headed back to camp to rest while the rest of us went back to find some more trails. We did find a series of trails that looked to be used by quadrunners. Nothing much to speak of here. It was getting late some we hustled back to camp.