Day Six - Garden City, Utah to Livingston, Montana (352 miles)

We rose early and began riding shortly after dawn. U.S. 89 north took us into Idaho briefly and then into Wyoming. The fabulous road conditions continued. Once we left the lake region we quickly began to gain altitude as we approached Wyoming. Once in, we ran through the valley with the Salt Range on our right and the Caribou National Forest on our left. At Alpine, WY we passed by another beautiful lake; the Palisades Reservoir. The great scenery continued as we rode into Jackson Hole. We ate lunch at the Cowboy Bar where we sat at the bar on saddles. As we continued north we rode past the Grand Teton National Forest on our left. The tourist level increased so we concentrated less on the roads, and just absorbed the scenery. After several photo stops we entered Yellowstone. We stopped at Old Faithful but we had just missed one of events, and would have to wait for about an hour. I don't think so. Off we rode, on the western portion of the park. I had no idea of the devastation the 1991(?) fire had left on the park. We exited at Mammoth Hot Springs and continued north on U.S. 89. Once into Montana the range just seemed to open up. We had the Gallatin National Forest on our left and right and it truly seemed we were in the middle of nowhere. When we rode into Livingston in was getting dark. A motel with washers and dryers caught our eye, so we stopped for the night. We went to a local drinking establishment; an old railroad bar, and knocked a few down before we called it a night.