Day One - Cincinnati to Fayetteville, West Virginia (266 miles)

We got a late start due to Steve's leaky radiator problem. It turned out fine because we made our target destination right at supper time. Any earlier, and we probably would have rode onward. Our spot was directly underneath the U.S. 19 New River bridge, the one where people bungee jump, and commercials are made. We left Cincinnati and got on the "AA" highway in northern KY, and headed east. The double A is big two lane road with plenty of passing lanes placed strategically throughout the length of the road. The death rate on this road baffles me, there are no corners, and huge shoulders. After the double A we jumped onto I-64 until we got through Charleston WV, once through we ran on U.S. 60 until we crossed U.S. 19. Once we found the bridge we stopped at the visitor center on the north side of the bridge. There we found a detailed map, and figured out the road to the left (traveling north) was the one that would take us down to the river. On this road we passed the Class VI outfitters, where we would later have dinner (and breakfast). When we reached the river there was the entrance to the old U.S. 19 bridge, and a perfect camping spot. We set-up camp, went back up the hill, ate and got some beers. That night we got out in the river to wash off the day's ride and called it a night. Ohhh, I almost forgot; on the way back to the tent (50 feet?) I tripped and fell and split open my knee. It had nothing to do with the beer. A stop at Revco in the morning, and I was as good as new.
Day One - Cincinnati to Fayetteville, West Virginia