Day Six – Prince George BC to Revelstoke BC
Miles: 462.7
Elapsed Time: 12:14

Since we were in Canada breakfast at Tim Horton’s seemed appropriate so we ate quickly and got of town. We were headed home now having reached our furtherest most point. We blasted 75 miles down to Quesnel where we stopped at their Riverfront Park. It was nice, they had a pedestrian bridge over the Fraser River and some old relics of the fur trading days including an original Hudson’s Bay Trading Post building dating back to 1882. The bridge is an 831 foot wooden truss walking bridge making it the longest in the world. Another 75 miles and we made a brief stop at Williams Lake but didn’t even bother with a picture. We stopped in 100 Mile House for gas paying almost our record high for the trip but still a steep $5.59 per gallon. The traffic was heavy in this area and the temperature was picking up a little as well. Shortly after gassing up we turned onto C24 riding due East and the scenery picked up some. The area was full of lakes and the road was not the main four lane affair we had been riding on. We caught a back road down to Lac Des Roches but there wasn’t any place to pull over so we kept going. We rode down to Kamloops which is a decent sized city and stopped at The Noble Pig for lunch and a pint. Their IPA was just ok, but it hit the spot. We stopped at Cruikshank Point on the Shuswap Lake. It was a nice little beach, mostly rocky but it was a nice break. We were on C1 and the road was not bad at times but it was also at times as wide as an interstate. We ran onto some rain and as we looked for a spot to take off our rain gear we saw The Burner restaurant so we decided to stop. This restaurant was made in an old incinerator and but has a nice feel to it. We had our first Mt Begbie beer and finished our run into Revelstoke. The hotel was fairly decent and there were plenty of other bikers there. We rested for a few minutes and headed to dinner at The Village Idiot. Revelstoke is a nice little town with lots to do and plenty of restaurants. After dinner we stopped at the square in downtown where a music festival was wrapping up. All-in-all a fair day, the ride was decent, the scenery was decent but nothing of particular note. We were excited about the next day as we knew this would be a good one.